Tuesday, September 30, 2014

the show must end...

...as most all things do, eventually! "Consider the Lilies" was dismantled this week and we hauled all the art home. Here it all is stacked in my living room waiting for me to figure out storage solutions.

And a shot of the stacked up art with my granddaughter wondering if I am going to play outside with her instead of organizing my studio.

the party is still going on

My art display titled "Consider the Lilies" is about to end. Another QuinceaƱera took place last weekend and my daughter and son-in-law were there to enjoy the special moments in front of my artwork. Fun to see this lovely young woman with my art as a background for her festivity. 
Another anecdote I heard from some of my friends who attend St. Mark's was concerning a funeral service. I heard that there was a terribly tragic death of a young person. My first thought was dismay that my art would not be appropriate and the bereaved family might not like it at the service. But I was assured that this was not so. The family said that their loved one was a flower lover, and would have been pleased. I hope so. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Watching Football Last Night

Notre Dame 31, that other team, 15. Our duty last night,  watch,  cheer, do push-ups when ND scores. My husband is an ND alumni. I sketched in my phone app. Wow, those golden shoes were awesome. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

a part of the big picture

The young choristers of St. Marks Episcopal Church in Glen Ellyn, working on their first rehearsal of the fall liturgy, surrounded by my paintings of flowers. My art display is up for less than a week now. I have heard some interesting stories from the past few weeks. Life in the church goes on in all the ways Life unfolds and my art has been part of it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

happy first day of autumn

 "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower." -- Albert Camus

And today is just such a day. Some early color in small foliage, but the sky! Oh the sky is the bluest blue we only see in September.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

still in progress

Little by little I am creating a new website for my art work. I will no longer have a website for my illustration work as I transition into painting for a fine art market alone. I am going to miss this old website.

Here is what I have now, no bells and whistles so far, no links or posts. Just a handful of my big canvas paintings and watercolor studies. I am using wordpress for my platform and a theme framework that I hope to be able to build up. Work in progress, caution, construction going on. You may visit the site here.

 And a slideshow feature built in, there are many ways to make this work, I am still investigating the most pleasing way to do this for the viewer. Aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, viewer has to do the least amount of navigating to see the most quickly, all to be considered.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

bonus days

My art display at St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Glen Ellyn, Illinois is still up and I continue to hear good feedback. Here is a photo from a celebration at the church recently that I just have to share. A lovely girl celebrated her QuinceaƱera with a special service. Notice how lovely she is in her brilliant yellow dress with the sunflower art behind the family. I heard that the family thought it was fun to have photos taken with the paintings. Bonus!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

family dinner

The siblings gather with their mother and father, now Patriarch and Matriarch of an ever expanding clan. Brothers and Sisters, Husbands and Wives, Grandchildren too, all gathering at the ancestral home.
Dinner on a perfect summer evening outside on the deck, tacos, enchiladas, plenty of guacamole, salsa and chips combined with lots of laughing and shared memories. Not any special occasion, just a family dinner.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

that time I dropped my wet painting

The family decided to have a beach day. St. Joseph, Michigan, is our favorite destination for sand, sun, and splashing in the water.
I decided to take my painting easel and set up to make a painting of the coastline with the lighthouse and the pier that is a landmark of St. Joseph. All was well, until we decided it was enough fun and sun for the day and I packed up to go home.

 My folding french easel is just the coolest thing, I love going out and painting with it. However, it is difficult for me to get the hang of putting it away, the legs are unwieldy and it is hard with two hands to manage the folding of three legs. A minor disaster when the wet oil painting slipped from my grasp and landed face down in the sand. My family were all quite upset until I assured them that I was not too bothered. As an artist I am all too experienced in paint disasters. I can always fix a mess somehow.

I will post my finished painting when I finish my rescue here in the studio. I was able to rub the sand off the oil when it had dried a few days later, I used fine grade sandpaper of all things. I am eager to work on it some more, I was just getting the hang of those waves breaking on the sand and I had a composition worked out with people and umbrellas and all the color on the beach in the background.

Friday, August 22, 2014

teaching has some extraordinary benefits

Many teachers will agree, the little affirmations can make it all worth it. The position of Art Teacher  comes with benefits such as enthusiastic hugs from the little ones, exclamations of pleasure when I arrive and they know it is Art day, and being told that Art is their favorite class. This note came from a third grader last year. I would say he is an extraordinary art student.

Illustrating my post here with spots that I created for various educational companies as illustrations for spelling, phonics or easy reader programs. All of these illustration spots are copyright Janice Skivington 2014. Please do not use without permission.